do you believe in angels?

in the same year that favorites radiohead and portishead are about to project wonderful releases of their own; its official, the new tool album 10,000 days arrives on may 2nd in exactly 16 days. [dont get too confused.]

all good patient tool fans around the world have been waiting 5 years for the new tool.

the first single, vicarious, was originally set to hit radio this monday.. except a lil easter celebration was made in vein and the music arrived early this weekend. [thanks charlie!]

still inside the same quality of epic alternating time signatures, odd chord/note progressions, explosive pulsating drumming, understated BEAUTIFUL chaotic bass lines


true listeners know, tool takes time.

the band’s personal time to make the art and our own time to lay back, vision, anticipate and surrender.

im ready to let go again.

are you?

the universe is hostile, so impersonal
devour to survive — so it is, so its always been
we all feed on tragedy, its like blood to a vampire
vicariously, i live while the whole world dies
much better you than i

listen to: vicarious

5 Responses

  1. JK

    this is an incredible song. as a huge fan, i have to say that the album has been a major disappointment. there aren’t any other songs like this one.

  2. Anonymous

    thanks for the vicarious mp3 link! i’ve been trying all day to find a link to this song from work! (without resorting to “illegal” download tools)…

    I adore you too!

  3. grizzled

    A Brilliant entry. I’ve been waiting 5 years and i absolutely love vicariously after a few listens

  4. caravan

    Gosh. They all look so old. But yay for new material. I can’t wait to hear this!