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art by danny estrada

as you may have noticed, musicisart is in the process of revamping the site. we’re still overanalyzing with different designs, fonts and colors.. so any feedback is really appreciated at this time. please tell us what you think. maybe you have some other suggestions? or perhaps, we may just keep on changing with the seasons.

we are always looking for amazing contributors who have a passion for writing, music and art. fresh ideas, new input and strong dedication are the only requirements. to those who have taste in the simple, weird, dark, colorful, abstract, emotional, mysterious, powerful realm of sharing what you love, we welcome you to be apart of our world.

please feel free to email or leave a comment ~*~ thankyou.

5 Responses

  1. Bushwick is Beautiful

    Whatever happened to hope anyways? I always wanted more music from here. 3 mazzy star albums and one solo right? It’s just not enough for a career.

  2. Moka

    the site looks preety good the way it is now.- The music selections are always welcomed too.
    Mmm, there’s this code I need to send to you… the site goes to the left on different monitors, let me look it up for you and I’ll tell you wht to write on your css.

  3. Duke of Straw

    i think the revamped site looks steller, much like all your posts.

    The Duke would love to be a part of your music/art/writing experience.

    Keep up the good work.