dont let stars keep us tangled up

+ – run for the hills.. ill run if you will.. sabatoge the world we know.. set your mind free.. let yourself go without knowing direction or seeking reflection.. the world is a canvas for which we create.. and feelings will flow from the futures new glow.. boundaries ill cross.. lines i will cut just to create a door to be shut in my face without knowing.. the feelings still showing.. let me down if you must.. or dont if you trust.. stars only i can hold in my hand.. stars you could never ever understand. throw them again.. unchanged with a new plan

sometimes i get so lost in the music, and wish to be found.

from nashville tn, an artist by the name of
cortney tidwell
has recently written and produced her full-length debut album *dont let stars keep us tangled up*. sharing elegant vocals against soft acoustics and quiet echos of a distant organ, cortney gives into the unexpected combining fixated drums and shoegazing guitars that all around fall delicately into a hypnotic spell.

listen:: eyes are at the billions

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