especially for natalie.

the most essential thing in life is to establish a heartfelt communication with others. do you really know where you are going? do you have a plan-of-action to take the kinks out of your road to the future? …you can reach and find happiness. you can reach for that plain peace-of-mind which you desire. all you have to do is turn the key and open the door. ++radiohead++

where bluebirds fly // there there

trans-atlantic drawl // pyramid song

the trickster // my iron lung ep

rabbit in yr headlights [unkle] // psyence fiction

remyxomatosis [cristian vogel RMX] // com lag

inside my head // creep

melatonin // airbag:: how am i driving

molasses // street spirit:: fade out

maquiladora // high & dry

pearly // airbag:: how am i drivingfaithless, the wonder boy // itch

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  1. Anonymous

    thank you very much from Mexico.
    your post made so happy =).

    this is a beautiful place