everyday is halloween

yr going to kill me in my sleep you’ll hold me down so i cant move you’ll press the pillow to my face and hold it down so i cant breathe yr going to kill me in my sleep you’ll slit my throat and drain my blood you’ll step back and watch me bleed then you’ll make a clean escape

from calgary alberta canada, chad vangaalen loves to draw, paint & create music inside his basement home studio. inventing handmade instruments, recording the music, illustrating and animating his own music videos, chad enjoys to share a genius originality of his own that moves inbetween shifting genre layers. he easily brings sweet soft acoustics to the electricity of ambient post-punk and roaming jazz visually against his lyrical story-telling explorations.

listen ~*~kill me in my sleep [from inifiheart 2004]

flower gardens [from skelliconnection 2006]

image. chad vangaalen

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  1. Anonymous

    So happy to see music from you again on my friends page! I was wary of the first track, but it’s lovely. Checking out the second now!