everything is benign

After taking the last few weeks off, it has made me come to a few realizations about my life. First and foremost, I’ve never been so scared before about a health diagnosis and the worry that goes along with the anticipation, is truly the hardest part to control.  After going through 12 blood tests and a biopsy, my results thankfully came back last week benign.  Although the doctors still are unsure as to why my white blood cells are still so high and I’m on so many different medications to level out my system, I’m happy to be alive.

This scare has helped me towards accomplishing some life goals of going back to college starting Monday, moving to a new city in the Fall and most importantly, learning to take care of myself to become healthier than ever. Thank you with all my heart to those that left such kind comments, emails, wishes and support – it truly meant the world to me and gave me strength at a time when I really felt so alone.

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13 Responses

  1. lito

    really great news! maybe life throws stuff like this at us so that our breaths are just that much deeper after… i hope you enjoy some relief and the joy that follows!!

  2. Anonymous

    Wish you good health…your blog is so fantastic! Best from Russia:)

  3. Alexis

    Free Download: Exclusive New M.I.A. Remix by 12th Planet at hardfest.com/mia.php Get ready for HARD LA

  4. Rachel

    So glad to hear it, I always read your blog, I’ll go out and enjoy today and feel lucky and grateful to be well because of your lovely strong words.

  5. charles

    its good to know everything is alright 😀 you live a lasting and worth-living life 😀

  6. fulltext

    That is such great news!

    Plus going back to school is awesome.