Falling Trees, New Seedlings

Hi, my name is Oded and I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try and contribute a little bit to Music is Art (I usually blog on Laughing Evergreens). I must admit, it was hard for me to get the idea for this first post. I was at a loss at first.

So I took my iPod and went outside to sit in the sun for a few minutes, listening. And then it finally struck me – trying too hard has dulled my senses and feeling. I cranked up the volume and listened, really listened – and ended up finding my muse right where it all began, where it always begins for me – music (Note to self: when in doubt, trust in the music).

Amit Erez (Picture by Goni Riskin)

And I trust Amit Erez, a young indie singer-songwriter who follows the musical footsteps of Elliott Smith, and his music. Shy and introvert behind the scenes, he channels his soul in lyrics and melody on stage, remaining true to himself.

I wanted to insert a video of Amit Erez performing an instrumental version of a new song from his coming album (a beautiful piece that can stand on its own as a pseudo-classical work), but WordPress still baffles me. Perhaps another time. Till then, you can watch it here.

L I S T E N:
Amit Erez – Falling Trees (Live) (from Conquered by Rain)