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there’s something about a woman who has soul and mixes that with class. it seems more and more often, its a struggle to find those who actually possess sometype of elegance, respect, a sense of manners and tact but when those shining moments come through especially in music, to feel inspiration and be surrounded by that feeling of sometype of genuine goodness… well, there’s nothing quite like it. there’s nothing like listening to someone who’s proud, strong and confident of who they are. it reminds me of all the sounds ive been enjoying lately.

in the middle of times square sits the nokia theatre, its quite fitting actually. several aurora borealis crystal chandeliers cascade above you and inbetween live sets, illustrations of pink and purple skeleton trees highlight the ambiance. like a tradition, my friend and i were there once again to see citizen cope. before the opening act appeared, he physically came out on stage to make the introduction. cope proudly smiled, “her name is alice smith and she’s one of the best voices around today.” it was obvious he meant every word as the audience was completely prepared and ready to believe it.on walked a petite soulful woman with various members of cope’s own band. the way her emotive voice came in was almost instanteous as she tried to put on an act like nothing really mattered. after a few verses of getting to the emotionally invigorating ending of the way she uses her body to painfully sing, her melodies became so personal and intimate that it was easy to feel spellbound. providing sultry and upbeat shades of brooklyn r&b through song after song, it was more and more apparent that alice was going to be remembered. to me that’s one of my greatest tests to give an artist, if i can feel you, just to understand some certain level of you, that’s all i really need.

after the show, everyone kept on repeating how amazing she was, adding such a bright sense of life and taking over the calmness of a citizen cope show. hundreds of samples from her debut album were given away and as soon as that cover was in my hands, i instantly recognized the artwork of artist audrey kawasaki. feeling an immediate connection of some sort, needless to say, my appreciation began last wednesday and still remains strong today.


do i

love endeavor [maurice fulton remix]

[for lovers, dreamers & me 2006]

images. alice smith

3 Responses

  1. Jeremiah

    Gorgeous vocals, thanks for always bringing something new upon us, my favorite little music blog!!

  2. Anonymous

    The title alone of this CD will ensure that I buy it. Just says it all. And the music is just as good, her voice is indeed quite something. My appreciation of Alice Smith has started now – all thanks to you. So, thank u. x