fortunes and good wishes

instantaneously, when im listening to the label morr music,
i always love what im listening to.

l i s t e n
still in this town

guther is no different. from berlin, julia and berend are a fresh duo providing hypnotic vocals, interweaving lofi guitars and fragile bass lines inside lil sounds of pop electronica production. when they began collaborating in 2002, they never thought they’d ever be selected for a label like morr, as they believed they were only experimenting with their favorite songs and intertwining it with what music really meant to them. effortlessly, they recently recorded their second album *sundet* in a swedish summerhouse, sharing an unpretentious and magical outcome.

3 Responses

  1. Scube

    Awesome post. I’ve been checking out the site a lot lately, looks great! Subscribing to your feed..

  2. Emma was an angel

    4 weeks ago I downloaded Guther and new bufallo. I listen to both of them in a mix.. and it’s wonderful. Did you got myspace message?

  3. mjrc

    the only other song i’ve heard by them is “the other day,” and it is gorgeous. thank you for these!