Frank Ocean Covers While We Wait for New Album

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As we all wait in in sincere anticipation for the new smooth R&B Frank Ocean album, the best remedy has been getting reacquainted with all of Frank Ocean‘s past B Sides, and covers he’s recorded that have always inspired him.



Frank Ocean – You Are Luhh (Aaliyah Trubute Cover)

Frank Ocean covered Aaliyah Houghton’s cover of The Isley Brothers’ “At Your Best (You Are Love)” in tribute to the late R&B soulstress Aaliyah on her 36th birthday.



Artists Covering Frank Ocean 

Then there are amazing artists who are inspired.. and have covered Frank Ocean, taking a spin within their own creative ways. These are some of the best of the best. Discover your favorite.

Major Lazer ~ Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)

Maintaining the hook we all love, but adding a reggae-style as the backdrop to the vocals of the feminine pop vocal stylings of M0.

Khalid ~ Lost (Frank Ocean cover)

Dark and stormy, the melancholy side of being lost slowed down in the vocals with the sparkles of light in harmonies and strength throughout.

Leroy Sanchez – Thinkin About You (Frank Ocean Cover)

A young man presenting a live crooning and soulful bedroom performance for all to enjoy. 

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