From the Depths of Emotion

Chris Koster is one of those artists that you know will only be underground for a short period of time. There’s a kind of wistfulness in loving an artist that no one knows of… yet. You know in your heart that someday everyone will be talking about him and while you are excited for his success, it’s like finally telling someone a secret you’ve been keeping a long time. You’re relieved that everyone knows but sad you’ve lost that little mystery you’ve been holding within yourself.

If you’ve ever had a broken heart, Chris Koster’s Secrets of the Lonely is the soundtrack for your sorrow. Chris writes with a depth of emotion that most musicians can only hint at. His lyrics are peeled right from your diary in the weeks following a breakup or the deepest midnights of misery. Hearing him articulate his feelings with a voice that’s impossibly raw and angelic at once, you know you’re not really alone.



Tim Tibbitts is another artist that writes and sings from the depth of his soul. His voice has such an overwhelming, soaring timbre that no recording device can accurately capture his passion, so any track on his album Portraits pales in comparison to his live show. I’ve seen his voice silence an entire room of disinterested people, turning them all into fans by the end of the song.

Tim’s songs aren’t overly simplistic, but he spares you of all the complex metaphors and unintelligible lyrics that so many musicians favor. He speaks directly from his heart about the beauty of being in love with someone who loves you back, someone who has changed your entire world, who has brought color into an otherwise listlessly monochromatic landscape. Instead of reminding you of how lonely the world can be, he brings to mind the power love has to heal all your wounds and turn you into the person you’ve always wanted to be.

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