Gallant :: Learn to Fly (Foo Fighters Cover)


Gallant – Jupiter Grayscale

The first time I discovered Gallant was Springtime last year with his debut EP, Zebra.  There was something about the track “Jupiter Grayscale” produced by UK’s Maths Time Joy… that was so powerfully intimate and emotionally painful in Gallant’s falsetto that his story felt like a beautiful heartbreak.


Gallant – Learn to Fly (Foo Fighters Cover)

From Los Angeles, Gallant has this natural gift of taking seductive layers of sounds, and letting a sense of rawness allow his smooth R&B vocals to shine on their own. Recently, he created a cover of the Foo Fighter‘s alternative hit “Learning to Fly” and turned it into an original piece of his own.


Gallant – Talking In Your Sleep

In collaboration with Vancouver’s electronic producer STiNT,  Gallant has been sharing a few samples of what’s to come from his forthcoming EP arriving later this summer. Properly signed to the label Mind of a Genius, “Talking in Your Sleep” is the second soulful single, gold-dusted with a groove, and shows the variant degrees in which Gallant can vocally challenge the strength of his high voice.



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