Ghost Loft :: Chocolate Haze


Ghost Loft is Danny Choi, an eclectic Los Angeles based musician who creates intriguing electronic and R&B music. Back in 2013, he released a few singles including the featured below track “So High” which presented smooth beats and sleek vocals in an overall seamless production. Loved by the blogosphere and new fans all around the world, it reached Wiz Khalifa and he included an edited version of “So High” on his album, Blacc Hollywood, with his own rap lyrics and overall interpretation.



Recently, Ghost Loft kindly wrote to let me know that he has returned with a few stunning samples of tracks in preparation of his new EP, Chocolate Haze, soon to be released later this year.


GHOST LOFT :: The Otherside

Shared only a few days ago, Otherside is Ghost Loft’s latest trackCreatively produced in between fresh elements of dream-inducing modern pop and hip hop, Otherside flirts with the new and yet still remains close to his familiar spacious and chilled out sound.


GHOST LOFT :: Overflow

New track Overflow provides an ethereal vibe that stretches to expand to moments of lush strings and a trumpet solo, all complete with a catchy chorus.