Girl With a Pearl Earring

art by Vermeer
When at last he began to add colours on top of the false colours, I saw what he meant….When the light shone on the wall, I discovered, it was not white, but many colours.The pitcher and basin were the most complicated – they became yellow, and brown, and green, and blue. They reflected the pattern of the rug, the girl’s bodice, the blue cloth draped over the chair — everything but their true silver colour. And yet they looked as they should, like a pitcher and a basin. After that I could not stop looking at things. Tracy Chevalier

Blonde Redhead – Pink Love

M83 – On a White Lake, Near a Green Mountain

The Innocence Mission – Bright as Yellow

Emiliana Torrini – Baby Blue

2 Responses

  1. John 4

    There is some connection for me between this painting and the song “Dream Awake” by the Frames. I think this connection was strengthened by the filum about Vermeer and the woman in the painting who was played by Scarlet Johanson.

    Maybe I was in outer space or something, but the nature of the love depicted in the movie and the emotion of the song just clicked perfectly for me. Unrequited – existent, but not unaknowledged – love is like a whole new level of suffering.

    Anyway, I was watching the movie and felt compelled to listen to this song over and over and I even bought a print of the painting which is still in the tube. I will try to host the song on my blog, which never gets started, soon.

    I hope all that makes sense! Love the new design for the site.

  2. Chris

    I’m loving that M83 track. I managed to get ahold of their “Don’t Save Us From The Flames” single, and they have some crazy good remixes on there. Plus, the B-Side “Until The Night Is Over” might just be my favorite M83 track of all time. Nice post.