give me a reason to love you..

o r i g i n s

“i joke all the time,” she confesses, “to stop feeling the sadness.”

unbeknownst to one another, britpop artists portishead & tricky both sampled music from isaac hayes 1970’s track “ike’s rap ii”. back in 1995, a silly controversy began over the belief of trip-hop plagiarism and the game of who sampled first. when it became known, tricky’s “hell is around the corner” was physically recorded before anyone had the chance to hear portishead’s original written creation of “glory box”. although together they included the same slow groove beat, they gave off their own freshly distinct & unique qualities.

ike’s rap ii :: isaac hayes [black moses 1971]

hell is around the corner :: tricky [maxinquaye 1995]

glory box :: portishead [dummy 1994]

daydream, i fell asleep amid the flowers
for a couple of hours on a beautiful day

created in the late sixties by the wallace collection and performed by the unknown gunter kallman choir, the track “daydream” was oftenly mistaken for issac hayes “ike’s rap ii”. over the past few years, a few different artists (the pharcyde, jill scott, i monster, beta band) sampled their own rariety, styling around the prominent lyrics and harmony.

daydream :: gunter kallman choir [sampled vol. 3 orig. 1968]

daydream in blue :: i monster [neveroddoreven 2001]

squares :: the beta band [hot shots ii 2001]

art by colette calascione

12 Responses

  1. Madeleine

    You have superb taste! I have been looking for that gunter kallman choir song for ages. They don’t have it on amazon or anything. I tried to get it off your site but it said it’s expired or something. Do you think you could do me a real solid and renew it? If you ever need a kidney or anything, no questions asked, i have one with your name on it. I hope it isn’t too much to request : )

  2. Anonymous

    Good work. Can you get Lalo Schifin’s “Danube Incident” next?

  3. Anthony

    Wow, this is just intense.

    That was a very interesting read and an even more interesting listen.

    Thank you!

  4. mjrc

    those are some of the strangest, most alluring and beautiful illustrations i’ve seen in a long time. very cool.

  5. matt

    excellent post. the sad part of me always smiles when i see the portishead sign on the motorway. ps who won pj?

  6. Anonymous

    Yes! I adore the Tricky and Portishead tracks, although I only became familiar with the sample’s origin recently. Thanks for the “Daydream;” I haven’t heard that one at all.

    Oh, and give me a shout whenever you’re on AIM; I’ve got some Mazzy Star for ya. 🙂