give me all of your love

so last night i went to see sia. and it was perfect. standing in the center of the balcony behind the soundboard, clearly staring down between the white christmas lights over the bowery ballroom in nyc. laughing and being with jj, our reactions from running into citizen*cope and hearing sia mention that she wrote the song *numb* for her friend who was addicted to heroin. watching the ways her BEAUTIFUL seductive voice took over that room and hushed the crowd. “the peacefulness.” the surprise of 3 classic ZERO 7 tracks [destiny, distractions, somersault.] sia’s adorable sense of humor talking to the audience feeling comfortable making everyone happy like we were there to support an old good friend.

i was really proud of her.

the best part of all was the end. for the last song, they gave out 3d glasses that turned all the lights in the room into silhouettes of rainbow hearts. i swear, ill never get rid of them. on our drive home with loud music and the lights of new york, i wore those glasses to see the skyline as a city of love and i couldnt stop smiling.

if only.
listen to: blow it all away

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