glitter on the wet streets…

Off with your head
Dance until you’re dead
Heads will roll, Heads will roll
Heads will roll, Heads will roll
On the floor

yeah yeah yeahs

Director Richard Ayoade of the UK comedy Mighty Boosh, has created an electrifying glitter-filled video for the second single Heads Will Roll from Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ third full-length studio album It’s Blitz!, which is out now through Interscope Records.

Artwork: Todd Slater

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3 Responses

  1. Jayblonskibabe

    I love the yyy’s!!!! And especially there song, Heads Will Roll. and ya, it’s pretty teen wolfish. So my personality! I’m a hardcore punk person, so i like this stuff.
    Rock on!

  2. rockynotbullwinkle

    very Teen Wolfish and Billy Jean…..heee heeeee heee heads will roll

    I love this song though.