gnash :: i hate u i love u (ft. olivia o’brien)


Falling in love and letting go may be two of the most difficult lessons in life that never seem to get any easier. Sometimes we hope that things could stay the same, all of our dreams become memories as we watch our lives change. They say change is for the better, but sometimes it can be so painful. Once you get through that moment of heartache when you need to get through it, visions seem to playback like an old spinning records and eventually everything stops. As your life may feel it is at it’s darkest, that’s when the light somehow crawls back in. Whether it’s the death of a friendship, a beautiful breakup, a business failure, or a treacherous betrayal, moving on is not only apart of the healing but it’s also apart of growing up too.


The LA singer-producer Gnash recently collaborated with San Francisco singer songwriter Olivia O’Brien on her original song “I Hate U I Love U”. Creating a remix of sorts, Gnash reworked the beat and added his own heartfelt verse. Together their voices connect beautifully, and powerfully showcase the ways we hold on, hate one another, and love each other all at the same time.

“Always missing people that I shouldn’t be missing
Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just to create some distance”


Gnash :: I Hate U I Love U (ft. Olivia O’Brien)