i can’t feel you anymore..

.i like it all that way.

lover’s spit :: broken social scene [bee hives 2004]
welcome home :: radical face [ghost 2007]
boy with a coin :: iron & wine [the shepherd’s dog 2007]
superhero :: ani difranco [dilate 1997]
it aint me babe :: bob dylan [another side 1964]
rugla :: amiina [kurr 2007]

artwork by matt lee

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    AMAZING WEB SITE….. MY CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 🙂 and thanks for the add ;a hug from BCN!!

  2. The Pelican’s Perch - » Perch Mix #34

    […] and Wine – Boy With a Coin (middle of post) […]

  3. Anne

    Rugla has pulled me in on a sad, sad day, and brought back good memories. Thank you.

  4. Princess Haiku

    I like this a lot and I am going to feature your blog soon. I was away from blogging for a while and it felt like exile. You have something special here… Sorry the text is so disjointed. Late night- time for revery or dream crash. The usual after midnight post I guess.

  5. casey

    i have never seen a blog as beautiful as yours! (found you through the hype machine) the art you share is adorable, and the music is absolutely perfect… music IS art.