great northern & the gutter twins

after recently moving and subletting a home again in boston, i’ve found myself with an impression of this scene that lingers on the audience needing to come back to appreciating, smiling and falling in love with music again. my kind roommate, corryn, surprised me with tickets to see the gutter twins last night at the paradise rock club. finding a cozy seat on the black vinyl sofas against the wall, together we sat in anticipation for the opener great northern.

this la quartet have been a special band inside my collection over the last few years. as i remember receiving their demo, feeling humble about the collection of their male-female harmonies and how sweetly those dreamy guitars lingered. the live experience was far beyond that, shimmering full of epic potential and mind-blowing creativity. after their show, it seemed only right to secretly tell them how i personally felt. after shaking hands with the entire band and graciously speaking with vocalist/keyboardist rachel stolte, it seemed important that great northern receive as much praise as possible.

from great northern’s 2007 debut
‘trading twilight for daylight’.

the middle

the lights in the room seemed to all gently fade to black as mark langegan (formerly of the screaming trees) and greg dulli (of the afghan wings and the twilight singers) appeared. in between breaths of too many cigarettes, the audience was cast under a spell, as they cautiously swayed their bodies to the brooding rock and sensual sounds of the gutter twins.

watching the band play off one another and that hidden sensuality that rests within the darkness of their collaboration felt apparent to witness. the gift of the night was their cover of jose gonzalez “down the line”, hearing those drums pulsate and the words screamed *don’t let the darkness eat you up* made me believe it. listening closely, it became comforting to notice how both bands set-lists beautifully segued into one another. like my own private music world, if only there were more people there to actually understand and fill the room.

from the gutter twins’ 2008 debut

each to each

from their recent performance
in paris, france.

number nine
down the line (jose gonzalez cover)

original painting by corryn leigh young

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