greetings from sunny florida!

recently moved to sunny palm beach, florida at the end of july and have been appreciating the beauty of being near the turquoise blue atlantic ocean.  looking forward to spending my time here enjoying the sunshine, and the ability to be active, feel alive in the tropical south. so many great artists like interpol, yeasayer, cocorosie, the national, crystal castles, mgmt, lcd soundsystem, massive attack, thievery corporation, black keys, and jimmy gnecco will soon be gracing the sunshine state especially the cities of miami, ft. lauderdale and orlando! can’t wait to photograph more of these live acts, share about the sounds and sights i will be seeing.  it’s always scary in the beginning moving to a new place, trying to figure out how to get around and overthinking if it’s the right choice for you.  however, all one can do is take each day by day, and realize just how much strength it takes to move away to another location.  thank you all for your continued support here at music is art! promise more soon… xoxo

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  1. Ansible

    From the opposite side of that “turquoise blue ocean”, hope you have and extremely good time in Florida, and in life.

    I’ve been reading you from a long time now, and was worried about the decreasing posting.

    I love your blog, and your wondeful musical taste. Nice to see that you are back to the mood for posting.