Guaranteed to make you swoon.

I know, I never thought it would happen either. A lounge remake of Love Will Tear Us Apart? Oui, amis, c’est vrai. NouvelleVague, a collaboration of Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux, strips post-punk era songs of their novelty and saturates them with the voices of young female singers who, according to their website, “never heard the original versions.” These chanteuses also pour over songs from the DeadKennedy’s, The Cure and Modern English, all given a sweet, sugary 60’s Bossa Nova twist. Play this for all your friends that constantly bash your love for 80’s New Wave. I guarantee they will be quite embarrassed when they find themselves absolutely loving Teenage Kicks.

If you harbor a secret love for Gilbert Astrud and a deep affection for Jean Luc Godard, give their covers of The Cure’s The Forest and said Joy Division tune a try.

Their new CD, Band á Parte, is out June 26th.