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[recently, i started a lil feature of asking some very inspirational friends to personally write something simple regarding music thats very meaningful to them.  its always been genuinely important to make MIA more open to the community, as i welcome and know you all have very special thoughts and relations too.  with no further introduction, im quite honored to share ashley jackson-pierce‘s contribution.  not only am i often in awe of her kindness, intelligence and taste but she is also one of my favorite writers.]

Song: Let Go
by Frou Frou [Details, 2002]

I was completely in love with my best friend. Because he was already in a relationship (albeit a complicated and fruitless one), I knew better than to reveal my feelings. After a few miserable months of keeping my secret, I forced myself to move to another state and try to live without him. I hadn’t been gone two weeks before I cracked and confessed my love. The feelings were mutual, but we both knew it was the absolute worst time to pursue a relationship. For him, choosing me essentially meant abandoning all else.

On a particularly difficult day, a friend dragged me with her to see Garden State. It was a major emotional trigger, and I was frozen in my seat from the first scene. The last few minutes of the film, when those strings start in and Largeman abandons all reason and runs back to Sam, nearly killed me. 

As the song urged, I really did let go. I had my breakdown. I’m sure the people filing out of the theatre thought I was insane, but I have not since been able to replicate that kind of release. I felt like ten thousand pounds of guilt and uncertainly had been lifted off my shoulders with that one scene, that one song. We’ve been married for two years now, and I still get chills when I watch it.

photography & words by ashley jackson-pierce

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  1. gyozamonsta

    when I first heard the chromatics cover of running up that hill i was disappointed by the anemic vocals. what kate bush did so well and to such great effect was to convey angst and passion while still retaining a crisp and ethereal feeling. it’s that depth that the newer vocals lack. the chromatics version has grown on me a bit after a few sporadic listens.

    your love stories are making me cry.

  2. nawanda37

    i had a pretty major reaction to that film too. while that reaction was similar to your’s, my story was almost exactly the opposite.
    i had just got out of a five year relationship with an amazing girl who was horrible for me, but with whom i was very in love. as a music guy, i made her many mix tapes. the best of these had what was then a brand new song by a brand new band: the postal service.
    when the iron and wine cover played, it put a chink in the armor that hadn’t been there before. i had to fight tears for the rest of that beautiful movie.
    about two months after i saw it, she sent me an email with only one subject: she had seen garden state and completely lost it. apparently, she had to stay an extra 20 minutes to get herself into a state where she could drive.

    you are so lucky to have found positive and wonderful love. don’t ever take it for granted 🙂

  3. gaybrial

    i love these two. i’ve never seen the movie, but i love the song. ashley and danny are an inspiration to anyone who knows them. they are music and art. they are two of my favorite writers and have given me hope that love and completion is out there for everyone at times in my life that i thought it was over. i’m and honored and privileged to have these two wonderful friends in my life.

  4. trase

    Two of my favorite people, Ashley and Danny, and one of my favorite films = win. 🙂

  5. ashley j-p

    thank you for including me, danielle. you know i love you and this awesome space.

    ps — credit for the second picture should go to the lovely cheryl thompson, a friend who was kind enough to take our engagement pictures.