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recently, au revoir simone kindly contributed to music is art’s song/context/result series.

“tell me about a moment, a song
and what it meant to you”

Song: Out of Gas by Modest Mouse [Lonesome Crowded West, 2002]

Context: I got this song from a much cooler Californian exchange student in college who taped her entire Modest Mouse catalog for me on two 90 minute tapes the night before she moved out of the dorms. These tapes changed all my musical expectations and broadened my tastes into this whole new genre of “indie rock.” At the time I got the tapes I was going through a difficult emotional time, just coping with growing up and all that stuff.

Result: Playing this tape over and over, and this song especially, sent a shock through me that other people really knew how I was feeling and gave me something to emphatically sing along to when I was staying up by myself all night in my dorm room. I don’t know if the end result was positive, because I sure did wallow a lot in late-night self-pity, but it really did feel good at the time. I still get really into it every time I hear it and it remains one of my all-time favorites.

brooklyn’s au revoir simone are three ladies on three keyboards, harmonizing through flirtatious pop melodies and vintage drum machines, creating soft music together. their two intimate albums may be found in the usa on their own private label our secret record company and in the uk on moshi moshi records.


stay golden
fallen snow {the teenagers remix}

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  1. jiminy

    Cool tunes by beautiful ladies, and a nice Modest Mouse memory. Cheers 🙂