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(Toronto Film Festival 2009 Photographed by Ademar Dias for Lifeline Photography)

The Experience of Being a DJ
Written by Lindsay Luv

My background was originally in the music industry having worked in business development at the Orchard and as an agent with top artists like The Raveonettes, as a DJ booker with notable DJs like Eddie Baez, and then in brand event marketing with emerging DJs and artists including Justice, Chromeo, Ladytron, Crystal Castles, Dangerous Muse, Busy P, The Presets and so many others. For five years I worked the business side of the sphere yet my jobs always relied on my ability to seek out new artists and emerging talent. This was definitely an inevitable setup for me to one day pursue DJing although I never even thought it a possibility until my friend, Adam Goldstein aka the late DJ AM, pointed out I should give it a whirl.

I was sitting with him in his room at the Bryant Park Hotel catching up before his set at Deko Lounge in Jersey and shouting some of the latest tunes I had discovered from relatively unknown artists at the time, Canada’s Thurderheist and Dragonette, as well as LA’s own Shiny Toy Guns, as he downloaded them in a fury. Adam loved the tracks and gave me a sideways smile and asked me if I have ever considered DJing…. No, I hadn’t.

(Photo Credit : Coachella 2009- Palm Springs | Photographed by: Denise Mijares |
MakeUp & Hair: Courtney Wolfe | Styled by: Dalit Gwenna |
Shirt by Wildfox Couture)

When the recession hit and music marketing started to hit a standstill, I remember sitting on my couch bored and restless thinking what the HELL am I going to do with my life! I remembered Adam’s words and I just picked up and jetted over to Guitar Center and bought everything I would need to teach myself to DJ (with some help from my DJ friends). Without a trust fund or a sugar daddy (ha!) the basic facts were I needed to make money to survive here and fast by switching my focus in the music industry. However instead of taking the easy way out-Ipod DJing etc-I wanted to learn from the ground-up no matter how challenging it seemed and eventually be respected for my craft. With my friends the Boyd brothers opening up their clubs to me, and DJ friends like Cindy Kim, I studied, practiced and learned what I needed to start spinning. I practiced at friends’ studio spaces and these venues during the day for hours –pretending the place was packed.

Landing great gigs was made possible by my industry contacts from my past work and thousands of followers on Myspace, Facebook, and Joonbug. Today, after a year of full-time DJing (and always practicing every day) I still feel like I have so much more to learn. To be a ‘DJ’ these days is a loose word, but to be a true ‘DJ’ is a whole different ballgame, and one that I continue to self teach myself every day and improve upon. My business motto is to start in the mail-room if you want to be a CEO, and I apply that to my own skill set and career. I know who I am and where I started and where I am going. I think if you want to be successful at any activity you need to put in the time but stay confident in your progress and be real.

What AM saw in me was my ability to discover new music and emerging artists–I think that is what makes me special in my craft– the same way mash-ups are what made him extra special in his.  I was so excited to one day maybe have an opportunity to DJ with him and am so incredibly sad he is gone.  He is and will forever remain a huge inspiration in my career.

(Photo Credit : Coachella 2009- Palm Springs | Photographed by: Denise Mijares |
MakeUp & Hair: Courtney Wolfe | Styled by: Dalit Gwenna)

Things that I’m Currently Obsessed With::

ART of Sebastian Picker

I dated his nephew, singer-songwriter Pablo, for a number of years in college and fell in love with his artwork. Pablo had a few of his paintings and when I left Boston to pursue a career in NYC he gave me an original piece from his early days to christen my new apartment. The canvas hangs above my bed and his use of a monochromatic color scheme is calming and stunning and sends a message of struggle, hope, peace and love. His work is highly regarded in the art world and I hope to buy more pieces in the near future.


MUSIC of The Raveonettes

I essentially never stop talking about my favorite band, The Raveonettes! I have grown up with this band throughout my NYC years. They were in many ways my first big ‘break” in working in the music industry. I came here by myself after college from Boston- not knowing anyone and knowing I had to “make it” here to survive.

I began working with the management team for this new band right when they were releasing their very first EP “Whip It On”, and have continued to support and work with them in varying capacities even today. The Raveonettes have released multiple full length albums and have toured with the likes of Depeche Mode and the Strokes, playing hundreds of sold out shows in the US and abroad.

The band is truly original and their sound is unlike any other artist I have heard today. I have seen them perform in major cities– Chicago, Austin, LA, NYC– and my parents will see them this week in Boston. They are both friends and an inspiration and continue to surprise and delight me with each CD released.


MOVIES of The 80s

I am pretty much obsessed with everything 80’s and am known to watch Pretty In Pink on rainy days. I have loved re-discovering my 80’s movie favorites and can’t get over how kooky and borderline creepy Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth” is! I love, love, love David Bowie and think this movie and the music and imagery is simply genius! Some other favorites include Weird Science, Lost Boys, Big, Say Anything, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Can’t Buy Me Love. The 80’s rock!


Lindsay Luv MixTape
(For Streaming Purposes Only)

I love electro house and the 80’s, so here are some of my favorite tracks of today and yesterday, all with an electric edge! Rawk!

Heavy Cross- The Gossip (Fred Falke Remix)

Night By Night- Chromeo

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy- Rod Stewart (Discotech Remix)

Little Booty Girl- Thunderheist

Paris Is Burning- Ladyhawke (Cut Copy Remix)

I Remember- Deadmau5 (Caspa Remix)

What Is Love- Haddaway (Refreshmento Remix)

One Day- The Juan Maclean (Surkin Remix)

Fever- Madonna & EnVogue (Dance Floor Mix)


Remixed by Lindsay Luv, D-Major and Bobby Blaze

Fake Gold- Tigercity (Major BlazInLuv Remix)

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12 Responses

  1. Party Sauce

    Lindsay is hot! I wanna get weird with you on the ones and twos! Come to LA and get creeped out by my next set DTLA
    -party sauce

  2. halfamalex

    your amazing lady! Not only are you a great friend but a talented artist. Its been amazing watching you grown into yourself both technically and creatively. I would put you up against just about anyone with confidence! You Rock!

  3. Tom

    Lindsay always makes me laugh when I see her out. Girl is more fun than a bag of kittens – with energy to match.
    These are great pics.

  4. Lindsay Luv

    Hey- it’s Lindsay- I am really blown away by the kind comments on here. I am so very appreciative to do what I love and even more excited to share it with all of you! Thanks always for the support and I will have some mix cd’s coming shortly!! As for BJ- above- Adam touched so many people and I truly believe that kindness and respect for others is an invaluable trait that goes beautifully with great talent. Thanku for your words.

  5. Dylan

    Lindsay Luv is talented musician and equally gorgeous to look at. Her music selections are some of the best I have ever heard, and I love to see her spin. Keep up the great work, LL!

  6. Kait

    I have to say- lindsay is a sweetheart- I am not a good friend but every time my friends and I have come to see her spin she is always smiling and bubbly and seems to know everyone. With so many ‘too cool for school’ dj types these days, it’s a breathe of fresh air, not to mention I don’t have to hear the same top 40s crap a lot of other people keep regurgitating. Keep rocking it sista!- Kait

  7. Bj

    Lindsay, thank you for sharing this story. I had the privilege of working with Adam on his last project, Gone Too Far, and we became very close friends. What you describe is what I love so much about him. I am so privileged to have known him, if only for a brief time but he had a way of making it feel like a lifetime. I miss him every day, and my heart aches for the world’s loss of his talent and his heart.

    He will live on in you and your talent. Take every risk, climb every seemingly impossible mountain…your life is blessed and you are giving back beauty into this world.

    Bj Hickman

  8. Mishabelle

    Wow, what a great post! Just out of curiosity, does Lindsay have any DJ sets available to listen to? I love her mixtape, and would love to see what kind of music she makes.