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brooklyn’s jeremy haines and sammy rubin are known as the collaboration project jenny, project jan. together with a computer and vocals, they have created their own eclectic style of music called “electro-kareoke” by mixing colorful and animated vocals over pure funk and hip hop samples. these two talented gentlemen recently just got back from touring with fujiya & miyagi and were instantly adored as they entertained the audience with their vivacious energy and special visual art films that displayed in the background.  at the end of summer 2007, they released their first full-length album, XOXOXOXOX, that may be found on might records.  

l i s t e n

train track

junior hyness of project jenny, project jan kindly shared his own moment about a song and memory. 

Song: Back to Black
by Amy Winehouse [Back to Black, 2007]

Context: Me and Rubin had just played a show in Dartmouth the night before and hadn’t really slept much. We were driving back to NYC through the autumnal countryside bullshitting and listening to tunes, drastically hung over. This song came on and we both shut up and listened. About halfway through we both said outloud, “This song is fucking amazing.” We then listened to it again, back to back.

Result: I think the song reminded us that being in love with someone is really cool until you are confronted with the fact that this person is leaving you and then you think about the dark places that you will be going to (and the bad things you will, in turn be doing to yourself) if this person is no longer in your life. Thats a pretty strong emotion and the song seems to capture it perfectly.

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  1. musicisart

    christy: thankyou… i love pjpj, not only great artists but genuinely kind as well.

    colin: you are so sweet, much love to you and sincere, warm wishes for 2008 as well.

  2. Colin

    Just wanted to send you warm, loving holiday wishes from a very cold Glasgow!

    I hope this message finds you all set for festive times…

    Much love, and I hope 2008 is a great one for you,


    PS, I still get shivers when I come visit here… MIA continues to inspire and fascinate. You do what you do so well D. x

  3. Christy

    Love these guys.. PJPJ will explode in 2008! I just know it! Love your blog, too.