happy birthday, mr. buckley

“and what do i want people to get from the music?
whatever they want. whatever you like.
somebody asked me what i wanted to do.
i just said i wanted to…
just to give back to it what it’s given me
and to meet all the other people that are doing it
…just to be in the world, really.”

jeff buckley
(november 17. 1966 ~ may 29. 1997)

..i would like to be remembered as a good friend. i don’t really need to be remembered – i just hope the music’s remembered..

[meltdown festival, london — 07.01.1995]

strange fruit (billie holiday)
[kcrw man on the moon — 01.04.1994]

lover, you should have come over
[kcrw man on the moon — 01.04.1994]

kcrw morning becomes eclectic sessions.


be sure to see these videos too..

images. merri cyr

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  1. music is art

    the first quote:: from the grace epk

    the second quote:: from his 1993 npa interview