happy little trees.

“The way that Bob made his paintings, and the way he paints in particular, is pretty similar to the way that our band makes a record. Bob Ross starts his paintings with simple little smudges and blotches, making ‘happy trees’ or ‘cute little bridges,’ and he seems to be having ‘such fun’ doing it. But when it’s finished, and his blotches take form, we see that his paintings are actually intricate landscapes – layer on top of layer of what are seemingly a bunch of fun, whimsical drawings are actually quite complicated. Continuing this dichotomy, it seems like all of the happy, lovely places he paints always have a bit of sad loneliness and isolation to them too, and some of the songs on our new album can definitely relate to that duality.”


due on october 7, 2008, raleigh, nc’s annuals‘ second album such fun will be released through sony’s imprint canvasback music. with cover art created by pbs’ favorite painter bob ross and the clean co-production by front man adam baker with a little help from jacquire king (modest mouse and tom waits), the annuals showcase a stunningly beautiful and grand landscape that feels sonically aligned.

confessor [such fun, 2008]
complete, or completing [be he me, 2006]

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  1. ashton

    i friggin love this band. i had never heard of ’em till i a blonde redhead show. they really did a better job than the blonde redhead, honestly. anyway, i look forward to seeing them in nov with minus the bear. i think they’re doing a little HOB tour.