happy thanksgiving.

im not happy
but im very lucky

high above in rooftops, inside the darkest areas of cemeteries, on secluded never never land islands, red hunter enjoys to perform & record music in special, intimate places. on his private record label whiskey & apples, he’s been playing under different names for years. in the project,
peter & the wolf,
red is a professional at writing and creating music full of elegance, that should only be heard by the pure of heart. released this year was the official debut lightness, sharing the simple use of idle guitars and spiritual vocal harmonies that blend so silently then sadly pull at the core. whether one wishes to create magic, cry, laugh or be left alone; this music will make them thankful that they can feel anything at all.

the highway, lightness

[from lightness 2006]

images. peter & the wolf

3 Responses

  1. mjrc

    how about, i’m not happy, but i’m thankful? thankful for places like this, for people like you. : )

  2. ant boy dance

    hey… since discovering your page i have found so much effing exciting music its unbelievable… my christmas list is now overflowing. thanks

  3. matt

    i love the 2nd picture….and happy thanksgiving to you to……..just a normal thursday here.