heaven & hell came crashing down.

shara worden is a graduate of north texas university with a BA in vocal performance and for the last seven years has been a prominent vocal teacher in nyc. however, now seems to be her time to shine touring this fall with sufjan stevens and excelling beyond in writing songs, performing her own project, my brightest diamond.

on the new album, *bring me the workhorse*, beautiful elements of rock, jazz and different levels of operatics come full force unexpectedly mixed inside feelings of longing, lust & loss.

its like being inside a dimly-lit theatre where you happen to be the only one in attendence and in the distant background, yr overhearing a woman singing and all you can do is listen. there’s something strange about the way her voice makes everything in yr mind keep spinning. its funny how music can take a hold, shaking you violently and then for one peaceful moment, yr able to fully understand why you even enjoy it in the first place…

listen:: something of an end, freak out [bring me the workhorse 2006]

riding horses [asthmatic kitty sampler, vol. II 2005]

other artists who who have made me feel like this, lately::

the veils
lisa papineau

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  1. Anonymous

    shara’s worked with the likes of antony and rufus wainwright. i discovered her from a documentary on rufus/antony a few weeks ago, and have been listening since.

    thank you for the songs.