Hippie Sabotage :: High Enough (Halsey Flip)


Brother duo producers Hippie Sabotage brought us the rework of songstress Tove Lo’s single “Stay High” in 2013, that truly took the infectious pop track to the brink of the beginning of Tove Lo’s well deserved popularity. From there, it’s always been a pleasure to hear what these boys have flipped next. Throughout the years, they have maintained interest with a collection of fans keeping up their momentum with handfuls of perfect segues and moments that reflect their range of strengths in their song styles, and rework production. Recently, they created a flip of Halsey’s “Gasoline” that uses the same filthy sample throughout the track, bringing it forward, making it louder and reversing it until it smoothly blends into the second half of the song and closes into a surprise full of beauty.


+++ Hippie Sabotage :: High Enough (Halsey Flip) +++


+++ Raul Guerra +++

Raul Guerra is a Spanish artist, based in beautiful Andalucia. He describes himself as a ‘colour-pyrotechnician’.

He goes on to explain “I am in constant curiosity of what surrounds me. I am a child who was raised gazing upon forests and mountains( Ronda, Spain); who remained a lover of misty twilights and the subtle dances of light on the faces of those around him.  I’ve been on the most beautiful journey… I walk the path still… trying to learn a bit more everyday and making of my creations an instrument not limited to my self-improvement, but ultimately, one that builds a bridge of communication amongst it’s audience members.

“This is one of the reasons for which I want to be as sure as possible of the things I express through these works. I try to recreate my perception of Beauty – or at least a fleeting expression of one of it’s myriad of faces. I refuse to use my skills for the creation of anything other than Beauty. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so and, unless it’s unconsciously, I will always use the drawings to express Innocence, Beauty, Silence, Stillness, Light and Hope.”

Find out more at www.facebook.com/theartofraulguerra