holding hands that hold us down.

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For once, I’m going to post about a band that doesn’t involve acoustics.

While the name of this band has changed many times – Flavor, Tagine, now Secret Solution– the quality of their music has never wavered. This band employs several genres- particularly a seamless blend of rock and funk- to create some of the most original music out there. It’s so rare to find a band that is so flawlessly gifted in every area that I find it almost unbelievable that no one knows about them.

This is the perfect band to listen to when you’re looking for songs to dance naked to, or perhaps a song to blare at full volume while you pretend you’re the missing background vocalist.

This is a band better heard than described. When I rediscovered their music on Myspace I knew it was something I had to share with a blog that has only contained the very top notch of music.

nothing will ever come
between you and me
isn’t that what we said
and wanted to believe
is it an accident
that we were meant to be
nothing will ever come
between you and me
except each other

Except Each Other


Quite Enough

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