hope mountain.

i need another place, will there be peace?
i need another world, this one is nearly gone.
still have too many dreams, never seen the light.
i need another world, a place where i can go.

during chaotic times like these, when a mind can feel so overwhelmed by anything in its way… the lead track from antony & the johnsons new ep another world stands out as absolutely stunning in all its simplistic glory.  with a bright light and soft touch of piano keys, a calmness casts a shadow through the sound and allows antony’s sincere lyrics to powerfully shine. it seems difficult not to let in the melancholy meaning of everything that life keeps overcoming but somehow within the tears, a sense of optimism appears.

“I wanted to mark this moment very clearly in my life.
I love and feel so anchored by the natural world,
which gave birth to me, which supplies and supports my life,
this experience of color and light and aching beauty.
But the world is changing so fast now.
Another World
is a song for the present but also a song for the future.
What have I lost? And what is to come?”


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6 Responses

  1. Ample Sanity

    […] you can’t utter.” James Earl Jones And when someone else repeats your unuttered emotions, you weep. Another World Ainsley Burrows (myspace) is an extraordinarily talented spoken word artist, poet and musician. His […]

  2. musicisart

    aww jay, yr so lucky.. i really am hoping to go to that show as well! i saw antony a few years ago with the brooklyn philharmonics and it was truly such a beautiful live experience.

    also, the new ep another world is available october 7, as a prelude to the forthcoming 2009 full length release the crying light.. looking forward to it!

  3. Jay

    Thanks for posting! I didn’t realize that A & J had a new EP. I’m seeing them at the Apollo Theatre in mid-October. Cant wait!