hospital beds

I’m going into the hospital tomorrow.
My white blood cells are very high, the doctors are unsure of what’s wrong, have told me it could be cancer 🙁 I’m very scared… Please send your prayers and good thoughts, as I really need them right now.


Original: Cold War Kids – Hospital Beds
Cover: Florence & the Machine – Hospital Beds

“Hospital Beds’ is a story of a couple older men that don’t know each other, stuck in a hospital room together. They find connections. They’re maybe going to die, but that’s not totally important, what’s important is that they find something where they thought there was nothing. ‘Put out the fire, boys’ is a way of saying hose me down, all this pain and ugliness, get rid of it, it’s on us.” – Source: Daytrotter

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25 Responses

  1. Dom

    Music is love, right? All the music in the world for you right now.

  2. Leo

    I wish you wellness, well being and health by the bucketfuls!
    “If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark.”
    St. John of the Cross

  3. Jeff

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time now. I want to wish you all the best. You’ve put so much good karma out into the world with your blog, certainly you will have a lion’s share coming back to you now when you need it. Take Care!

  4. leo

    best wishes, will work out to the best certainly! won’t be anything serious to worry about anyway 🙂

  5. lito

    sending you lots of love, good thoughts and healing vibes!!! we’re with you!!!

  6. Lila

    Stay strong! Sending my prayers for You. Im sure that everything is gonna be ok!!:) I love Your blog – very inspiring. Hugs and much love from Poland.

  7. herman

    i hope things are well with you, Danielle. someone from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean is sending his prayers.

    take care,

  8. unnecessary

    I haven’t visited your site for a while, but to read this, I couldn’t just not respond. I hope you get through this unscathed. Wishing you the best and a good future.

  9. JohnDow

    Good luck with doctors and results,just a quick note about the “put out the fire,boys” line, its actually about two vietnam soldiers in hospital and that relates back to the napalm they used during the war….

  10. Lee

    As a fan of your blog, I must be a fan of yours, too. So, your fans are behind you sending good vibes and our warm sun to shine on you and enable you to find your internal strength to get through whatever it is. As the others have said, music, meditation, love and light will all help! 🙂

  11. Anne

    My dear, of course i’ll say a prayer for you. Cross all the fingers and piggies as well that the situation is far less than you fear. I’ve been down both the cancer and the scary unknown paths before, and returned from the journey. So will you. All my love your way. You know how to get in touch; i’m always available. (from formerly “Ample Sanity”)

  12. Merlyna

    Stay calm… meditation, its difficult but you can. from mexico… all my best wishes and prayers for you!

  13. Pete

    I hope they can figure out what’s wrong. Taking comfort in music is always helpful to me.

  14. Pricilla

    first, let me just say that i have loved your blog for a long time. i just stumbled upon your hype machine post…..i’m a florence lover. thank you for the goodness you put out into the world.

    i’m sure that high white blood cells could mean a number of things but my dad had the same issue and he was diagnosed with mantle-cell lymphoma. i pray that this is not the case for you. i will continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers. sending strength, peace, love, and comfort!

  15. Matt

    I don’t know you but that doesn’t matter. You will get through whatever it is that is ahead of you. It’s going to be hard, really effing hard, but you will pull through. You will be in my thoughts 🙂