how to get rid of toxic people


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One of the most difficult things in life is to realize that you don’t have anybody but yourself in this world.  Toxic family and friends will need to come and go… but who you remain to your own heart is the only thing that you can’t give up on.  If you are lucky though, it will be easy to realize that this feeling can come on quite strongly, and may honestly be able to decide who is best to keep in your world.  In order to hold on, it’s best to remember a few things:

1.  Don’t ever keep someone in your life that abuses you in any shape or form of physical, mental or verbal altercations.  Once is too much, twice and it begins to happen again, three times and you begin to forget who you are.  It’s too easy and too disastrous of all toxic situations.

2.  Forget it if they are an old friend, you’ll find another.  However when it comes to family members, your own precious blood, that becomes even more trickier.  To let go or not to let go?  The question should only linger a moment until a reason enlightens to why they are not worth it.  Keep with it, you’ll eventually learn to see why you’re seeing this light in the first place.

3.  Most importantly, if letting go of a toxic person in your life frightens you, first test out your boundaries to see if things can be worked out amicably.  Usually a toxic person will not understand where you are coming from as a true friend or family member will fight to the death to save your relationship.  When this happens, it is important to learn that it is really their loss as you let go of them, and to know that you’re a stronger and better person for moving on in the long run.

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