Human Once Again


[Artwork :: Jamie Hobbs]

British electronic producer Kieran Hebden a.k.a. Four Tet shared 15 unreleased experimental tracks in December as a thank you to all of his fans.  This moment took place on Twitter where Four Tet gave away all the individual files kindly through Sendspace. As a thank you to him, here is all the files zipped up for in one: download here. The Four Tet unreleased collection features hidden collaborations, remixes, rough cuts, and secret tracks made throughout his career spanning all the way back to 1999. A favorite from the set is the reworking of Grimes song “Skin,” properly renamed as “Human Once Again.” Enjoy below:


Last October, Four Tet created the album “Beautiful Rewind,” his seventh studio album released on his own record label, Text Records. Loved by many and questioned by some based on the romantisized beauty of what we’ve been accustomed to, this album took on a different but welcomed approach. Not only did Four Tet take risks introducing genres of jungle, and hip hop, but many of the MC samples, breaks and rough editing is in honor to the way Pirate Radio recordings used to sound. Listen:

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