i can give you what you want

afterawhile, its really just those simple lil electric samples that make me happy.

songs: get dancey, ice cream, tight fit, jerk me


either +/- or

no questions, just dance.

the knife
the winner.

songs: silent shout, neverland
watch the video for silentshout

::bbc onemusic session//02.17.05::

pass this on
you make me like charity


2 Responses

  1. colette

    i’ve heard of the knife before and downloaded a few songs, being that i thought their get-up was cute (and somehow i feel fine knowing that i judge bands on how they look and their bandnames) and you posting this just reminded me of those stray mp3s. i’ve given them another listen, checked out your links, and decided that i’ve rekindled the love.
    thanks for the reminder.