i can hear you talking

in circles.
meet me there, in the blue
where words are not and feeling
remains. sincerity
trust in me to throw myself into your door
i go in circles running down
i dream to heal your wounds

but i bleed myself

one of my favorite qualities in music today is the songwriting aspect. the way words may be vague, direct and so powerful that it can touch you without even the slightest movement. back when i was 17, my friends petrina, musicman and i would take the best road trips to nowhere, usa taking turns driving just following long roads with no particular direction in mind wanting to get lost and somehow finding our silent ways by listening loudly to music. along with the favorites of joseph arthur and nick drake, one band we always loved was sunny day real estate. the first time i heard jeremy enigk’s lyrics it was obvious that they were meant to be read like poetry by pushing emotions and opening up your mind to a place where feeling actually is alive. through exploding guitars and traveling bass lines, i was always left in such amazement of their ability to lay emotional vocals on top of beautiful screams, and how it all could make such perfect sense.

formed in 1992 sunny day real estate were a wonderful quartet out of seattle taking the lead of a new fixation sharing distorted musical tales portraying colorful in depth honesty. throughout their on again/off again years, sdre went through times of being against no interviews, no press and no shows in california. together they created 4 albums and 2 eps, drawing them the love of emotionally inspired fans everywhere.

during sdre’s first breakup in 1996, jeremy enigk went through a spiritual re-awakening warming his voice within the beauty of acoustic and orchestral textures for his solo debut return of the frog queen. through soft undertones of the late 60s, his music gave a no-way-of-escaping magical carpet ride adventure where mischievous roads twist and turns were unexpected. inside dark worlds of despair, imagined love and longing connected towards gold glimmers of hope, jeremy proved he had absolutely no boundaries.

in 2002, the fire theft was formed reuniting jeremy with 2 of the former members of sdre. together they strongly believed in creating something unlike anything else they had ever done before, bringing the warmth of a real orchestra, electric guitar solos and the addition of keyboards. deep and original in structure, the fire theft released their first self-titled album in 2003. breathing in the spaces between notes, the fire theft gave epic heartfelt mind-blowing live performances to new and old fans alike all over the world.

for the last 20 years, there have been true moments of change inside the circles of jeremy enigk’s mind. throughout his creativity, he has let imagination run wild forever holding on to what has always been his redeeming quality, his words. going back, listening to the music of everything all over again.. the way it intensely drives straight to your heart without stopping is still just the same. that’s what i remember and that’s what i still love.

in circles, song about an angel
[sdre :: diary]

[sdre :: how it feels to be something on]

shade and the black hat, abegail anne, return of the frog queen
[jeremy enigk :: return of the frog queen]

heaven, uncle mountain
[the fire theft :: the fire theft]

2 Responses

  1. Spiro

    i’m so glad about this post! i was feeling that sdre/enigk/fire theft has been forgotten in the music blog world

  2. Sunday's Clown

    I used to play In Circles over and over again in high school. I still love to hear it. THanks for this post!