i could smile for awhile

roy orbison claimed to have written the song crying as the result of an encounter he had with an old friend whom he was in love with. he refused to ever say how much she meant to him and when he ran into her again years later, it was too late.

roy orbison ~ crying

its hard to understand that the touch of yr hand can start me crying

~*~ art by bob harper from aberdeen, scotland. his paintings combine striking watercolour portraits as the great likes of john lennon, bob dylan, david bowie with reflections of memories and lyrics ghosted over their entire facial contours.

rebekah del rio performs a beautiful spanish “a cappella” version of crying in the david lynch film mulholland drive. if you have never seen this movie, please see it just for this one scene alone. rebekah hauntingly brings every emotion attributed with tears to a theatrical surface.

rebekah del rio
~ llorando [crying]

at special ours shows, there always is a wonderful performance of something familar. when jimmy gnecco covers crying, everyone tends to stop and watch to see the intensity that comes from him. you feel it, he’s that good.

ours ~ crying [live]

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