i dedicate this song to you

he gently took my arm
he listened to my tears til dawn
we had a change of the moon
we had a change of the moon

it seems that not a day goes by where forgotten lost classics become recently discovered and loved. back in the early 70s, a young german actress by the name of sibylle*baier had locked herself inside a fragile depression. her good friend charline knew that the only way she could get better was a change of scenery, so they travelled together on a forever-changing roadtrip across the alps. the beauty rediscovered along their way, instantly refreshed sibylle making her feel alive and reborn again. there she began to write her first song which eventually led to the special private recordings of the *colour green*. her genuine debut has resided in a closet for over thirty years and was recently released in early 2006 for all to hear.

“sibylle baier is a star who chose to shine
for her friends and family instead of for the whole world.”
the colour green is melodically beautiful and stunning inside its monochrome. the lyrics conjur thoughts of poetic words from sylvia plath and anais nin while the serene perfect quietness of an acoustic guitar lingers ever so gently in the background. ~*~

listen to: the end, tonight

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.. I randomly heard ‘Tonight’ being played between bands at a music festival in Barcelona last week, feverishly scribbled down some of the lyrics, and have just googled this page to discover what the song was. Shall now purchase and enjoy!

  2. Anonymous

    i enjoy sibylle baier. ‘the colour green’ is a great album. i just added ‘says elliott’ from the record to a recent mix i made. it has to be my favorite song of hers,but that is probably because it was the first one i heard. anyhow,thank you for posting this!