close with every breath

in august 2005, six feet under finished with class.
everything ends, sure.. but the music never does.

the last 6 minutes of the finale
featured sia ~ breathe me.

if you havent watched the show before and don’t want to spoil anything for yrself, ill understand that you may not want to watch. however, this ending is really special, thanks to sia. also, if you are addicted to the great sounds of this wonderful show, please go listen to all the music from the entire six feet under series.

 episode 62 // static
arcade fire  cold wind

claire heads home on the bus, brenda gives birth. song continues through the end credits.

episode 48 // the black forest
mellowdrone  beautiful day

claire and russell get creative with her photography.

episode 32 // making love work
josh ritter  come & find me

nate and lisa make love on their camping trip. the song continues while they drive home.

episode 28 // you never know
thievery corporation  all that we perceive

claire talks with russell at LAC/Arts.

episode 16 // the plan
built to spill  you were right

claire is in her bedroom listening to music, when she gets a phone call from a distraught friend gabe.

episode 15 // out out brief candle
goldfrapp  pilots

brenda’s dinner with nate, her successful ex-boyfriend trevor, his over-achieving wife and their child.

episode 5 an open book
cowboy junkies * common disaster

nate meets brenda’s brother billy for the first time.


and of course, buy the soundtrack releases.

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8 Responses

  1. Raffy

    wow, there was this song that i heard on an indie movie trailor called “the faithful” and fell in love with the song. There was no way of finding out what song it was as the instrumental part was being played. Well, it turns out it is this song from SIA. I cant believe I stumbled upon it a year later. And i saw the Six Feet Under finale, I wouldnt have picked a different song.

  2. john

    You’re forgetting one of the best ones of all. It was when Nate and Claire went to Seattle. They were coming up to Lisa’s house and Our Way to Fall, by Yo La Tengo came on. I almost jumped out of my seat when I heard it. That song means a lot to me.

    Thanks for the repost

  3. Nikki

    i got here through ur post on one of the sfu communities on lj.
    these exactly are just the sfu quotes that i need right now.. i miss the show so much.

  4. i_custard

    i haven’t yet watched the last season (watched since season 1, but didn’t have hbo anymore for season 5), but through sheer impatience i had found out what happened in the last episode.

    but to actually see the last scenes, i burst into tears about a minute in…thanks for posting it. now i can’t wait til i can get my hands on season 5.