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[on june 06, 2006, this radiohead post was created about the bank of boston pavillion show. now two years later, in honor of my excited anticipation of being able to attend the in rainbows tour this evening with my friends, it feels important to relive my adoration, words and the beauty of taking it all in, listening to the live music all over again. the tracks below especially stand out even more, as they showcase the new songs in a completely different light and yet still within my heart, my feelings for radiohead are just as pure as they were when this was officially written and will forever remain the same.]

my friend petrina called yesterday from boston to let me know she went through a life changing experience. she was afraid to tell me. afterall, she just saw radiohead.

in awe, petrina explained how amazing it was to go from sitting in her bedroom listening and obsessing over kid a, ok computer and to be there spontaneously that sunday night seeing and hearing them perform live in front of her. with no hesitation the reviews were in reminding that the whole show went perfect.. thom was in a great mood, making jokes, dancing and the band was right on. some fans say the june 4, 2006 boston show is one of the best so far of this summer’s tour.

back when tickets went on sale for the boston and nyc radiohead shows as well as tool, i tried so hard for tickets and had no luck, it was rather traumatic. its always been such a pleasure going to see one of my very favorite bands perform. to be apart of something special that doesnt happen very often and when it does, when every little thing about the lights, the sounds, the people, the feelings around me come together… i live off of that. there is nothing like it, comfortably surreal.. i get emotionally inspired, visually motivated and always want more.

so for today anyways, im reliving the experience vicariously through my friends. there is always a warmth in boston when radiohead performs. even though you have those who may not get it, there truly are the ones that do. you can feel them inside this show and i know, with all my heart, i truly wish i was there.

radiohead // bank of boston pavillion
june 4, 2006 thankyou to atease.

01 there there * 02 2+2=5 * 03 lucky * 04 15 step * 05 arpeggi * 06 kid A * 07 dollars & cents * 08 the national anthem * 09 nude * 10 videotape * 11 paranoid android * 12 spooks * 13 the gloaming * 14 house of cards * 15 idioteque * 16 bangers & mash * 17 how to disappear completely * 18 airbag * 19 street spirit * 20 bodysnatchers * 21 everything in its right place * 22 4 minute warning * 23 my iron lung * 24 karma police

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33 Responses

  1. Bryan

    have u heard any rumors that they will be doing any more shows in America in Sept. or Nov.?

  2. Jpalm

    Beautiful page! quite fitting for my favourite band! Do you know what their setlist is like for this tour? I hear they are playing a big mix from all the album! I get to see them next week in Vancouver Canada!

  3. matt

    It was so nice to read your friends review/life changing experience from this show. I was able to attend, and lucky enough to be in the front row directly in front of Ed. This show changed my life, I have such a strong emotional connection tied to this evening, and I will not soon forget it. Not just because I had a fantastic seat, but it just changed me in a way I cannot explain. I am forever grateful to have been a part of this show/experience. I have probably listened to this show atleast a 100 times, and I can still visualize every single moment, and still get chills. Thanks!!

  4. Anonymous

    ah……i had a privilege to be on radiohead in 08/2006 in europe…and…they still didn’t invent the words to describe it…i realised in one part of the concert that somehow i was conected with universe above and around me…uff…no words

  5. doctashock

    Very nice indeed. I was at the second night in San Diego towards the end of the tour and the concensus amongst my friends who followed that whole leg of shows is that I picked the best one to be at.

    Both times I’ve seen Thom and company it’s been a tuly religious experience (First time was Atlanta in 2001, another highly rated show amongst multi gig followers). I think the fact that he was in such high spirits both times was a big factor. There is definitely an uncatagorical energy emitting from that atmosphere.

  6. tad

    the first time i saw radiohead, at the hollywood bowl, was a life-changing experience for me as well. and still my favorite show ever. i missed out on seeing them last year as well (f’n ticketmaster…), so i too shall live vicariously through this performance. thanks!

  7. paul

    First off, you have a wonderful blog going here, so well done on all your hard work.
    second, I would like to ask a request.
    I’m looking for live and rare stuff by Emilie Simon, what you have posted so far, has been a joy, but do you know of any more ?
    I believe there was a bootleg of a gig in Lyon on the 26th july 2003 called “Il Pluet” do you know of this? But anything you can find would be a treat, as I’ve looked everywhere with no joy.
    Hope you didn’t mind me asking, good luck with all future projects

  8. music is art

    thankyou..loving all these wonderful comments of radiohead love 🙂

    **paranoid android** is all fixed. sorry about that~

  9. Anonymous

    This is really GREAT !!! I love your site, and I LOVE RADIOHEAD, It´s so refreshing hear some new songs, thanks for that.

    By the way, I don´t know why, Paranoid ´s size is to 2 Kb … I really appreciate your help

  10. Anonymous

    Just off to see RH now for the fourth time, getting very nervous and excited. Simmply cannot handle the emotions that this band throw out. So grateful to have found your site as I had not heard the new songs, Cheers

  11. jan8

    Wonderfull to hear the recent Radiohead concert. I’m gonna see and hear them again the 28th of august in amsterdam and I’m looking forward to it! Thank you for the music and by the way, a beautiful blog.
    jan8, Amsterdam

  12. geoff

    thank you sooo much for the link to this show…..first radiohead show….amazing..loved it, and now i have every song! thanks a million

  13. ymagynatyf

    Hey, I just found this. My son & I were at this concert. It was outstanding. Thanks for sharing the recordings and memories, we appreciate it greatly!

  14. Joe Gorton

    Don’t know if you got the last one
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    blog is truly BEAUTIFUL & the best I can contribute is to suggest a
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    Keep On

  15. Joe Gorton

    Grateful 2 U 4 this am I.
    Bin on a frenzy @ RADIOHEAD LIVE 2006 & wanted this xlnt performance
    My words can’t express admiration – sufficient to do justice to the – BEAUTY of your site.
    As a request/dedication could I sug
    a WARSAW/JOY DIVISION post in lieu
    of any contribution.

  16. Anonymous

    Your page is so pretty! I love it. I was actually at that concert and it was awesome. I live in Newfoundland and went to Boston for the weekend just to see them… best decision of my life. I got a little clip on Thom dancing during 15 step, I never used tinypic before but here goes nothing (hope it works)

  17. Anonymous

    I noticed you’ve quoted one of their new songs, VIDEOTAPE. Well, I just had to say that I’ve been a huge Radiohead for years, and VIDEOTAPE is just astoundingly beautiful. Even by Radiohead’s lofty standards. I was FLOORED on the first listen. Utterly transported. (sigh) THANK YOU!

  18. TB

    great show; best sound quality I’ve heard from a 2006 Radiohead tour show thus far. thanks!

  19. Anonymous

    I am continously impressed with what goes up on this blog. Thank you!