i know more than i knew before

early this past spring, broken social scene’s feist released her third solo album *the reminder*.  after taking a late start for myself to actually relax with a pair of headphones and pay attention to her colorful style, the emotionally effective musical payoff came naturally. inbetween stretches of folk crescendos, upbeat jazz pop vibrancies and bittersweet realizations, this became my album of the summer.

feist honestly attributes songwriting in such a heartfelt and personal way, that she easily brings to mind the exact simplicity of how good music should be.  the way of how its become so apparent that there needs to be more open feeling like this. the beauty discovered deep inside of feist’s intensity displays a humble approach to being vulnerable as a woman.. and completely powerful all at the same time.

i love you more
i love you more
i dont know what i knew before
but now i know i want to win the war

i feel it all


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  1. Ample Sanity

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  2. Jason

    Welcome back! I think it’s been said a few times, but I for one, definitely missed your posts.

  3. musicisart

    aww thankyou! im very glad to be back, ive missed all of you! was afraid after all my time gone that i had forgotten how to post 😉

  4. Mary Larsen

    I like what you said in your biography about music and art making you feel safe and at home. They make me feel grounded and sane. I make art while listening to music. They both go hand in hand.

  5. James

    Welcome back and thanks for the post!

    That is my favorite song from Feist’s new album…I saw her play in Quebec City in May and it was one of the highlights of my summer when she played “I Feel It All.” It just makes me love life so much. Haha, that sounds so cheesy, but there it is. A silly little song…

  6. Jennie

    I’ve missed you and your wonderful posts. You are my very favorite — I have learned much from you! Love from Poland.

  7. mjrc

    i join in the chorus of saying, welcome back! : ) and i was just thinking that i needed to pay attention to feist, too. now i will for sure. : )

  8. matt

    welcome back d, i missed you 🙂 feist is amazing, seeing the national & interpol in november.

  9. Alli

    Thank you so much for this post. I have been in love with Feist for months now!
    I love your work, miss. You have opened my eyes to new genres and beautiful music.
    Thank you, for that!