i know that … yr smiling, yr peaceful…

i suppose i give as much as i want to give. i decide immediately if i like a person and if i do, then i’m myself, and if i don’t, then i give nothing. people do have completely the wrong idea about me, almost the opposite, in fact and i’m quite happy for it to be like that. do i want loads of people to know who i am? i’d much rather they didn’t have a clue.”

in 1997, pj harvey wrote a song that was secretly released on her good fortune ep especially for jeff buckley. the striking music of *memphis* not only takes a journey through thirsting guitars and slow breathing metaphors but actually brings back strong currants of the mississippi river, to the feeling of a special musician being gone but not forgotten.
well i wish i had given you more time
to say thank you, my beautiful friend
but sometimes you gotta send it away
to bring it, to bring it back again

11 Responses

  1. shabb

    I have always been a huge Jeff Buckley fan and always knew of PJ Harvey but never really got into her music. But once I heard “Memphis” I wanted to cry and I instantly knew it was about Jeff. I came across your blog, I love it and your taste. Thank you very much!!!


  2. Stanley White

    You should listen also to Mark Eitzel’s To the sea, another song dedicated to Jeff Buckley.

  3. The Sensualist

    Wow, just stumbled across this blog.
    You have great taste.

    Thank you for the words, and the music.

  4. kenieffer

    ‘Memphis’ is such a beautiful song. it’s perfect when speeding down the highway with the windows down and sunny breezy weather. memories. 🙂

  5. leann

    great post.
    and thanks for the dl.
    i’ll be playing it on my show this weekend.

  6. Anonymous

    i love pj and i love memphis. one of the best buckley tributes ever.

  7. mona

    =) I’d never heard that first quote before, but I do love “Memphis”. So lovely.