i like the way it hurts…

after just getting out of summer college classes, i haven’t spent as much time as i’d like to research good music and discover new things of what i like.  lately all i’ve been able to do is listen to is old mixtapes or pop songs on the radio. when the duet of eminem and rihanna performing “love the way you lie” came out, i couldn’t help but give it a few listens. of course, by the first i knew there was an intense hook to it but didn’t realize just how emotionally important it felt until the second listen.


videos seem to always showcase the complexity behind a song. actors megan fox and dominic monaghan sure provide a powerful display of how difficult it is to be in an abusive relationship. in my own opinion, the fire that grows throughout the video acknowledges how passion mixed with rage and anger only leaves a beautiful disaster in the end. some publications have displayed dislike for this song, for the video, and for the awareness of domestic violence. yet, it’s important for more to be seen of just how serious this matter is, and how it’s not okay for it be ignored anymore.

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2 Responses

  1. Jennifer Grassman

    Personally, as a domestic abuse survivor, I found the song offensive. Because, while it did raise awareness for the issue, it did not overtly condemn it. In fact, I fear the message some people may get out of the song is that getting abused is sexy, and being tyrannical is manly. You interpreted the song the way a mature and emotionally healthy person would … but there are juvenile and messed up people out there who need things spelled out much more clearly. An abuser / victim could easily make that song his / her anthem.

  2. Adam Palmer

    Eminem is doing what no one else in music is doing…using emotion, and he’s a master of it. Always been a loyal fan, always will be.