i love you more than i should

a musicisart reader recently recommended
trespassers william.
certain qualities of anna lynne williams’ vocals remind me of aimee mann and to others theres been comparisons to mazzy star. regardless, it has been relaxing me to a slow-core, dream-like state that seems just perfect for a beautiful and calming sunday morning.

what of me [having 2006]
lie in the sound [different stars 2004]

3 Responses

  1. yontory

    I fell in love with Trespassers Williams in the first 5 second of What of Me, the first TW’s song I’ve listened. Been spreading the words everytime someone asks me for new music reccomendation. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    This is such an interesting piece. It has a certain flowing quality so I feel like I am in a pool of water but at the same time it has a harsh tone with the firey red colors. The fire seems to be related to the “burning” passion. But, the flowiness seems to throw this girl in a dream-like state.