I think I want to show you more colours…

These last few weeks, I have been working 9-5 in an office, and I’m really not used to the silence. My entire life revolves around listening to something – anything to stop the silence. I sleep listening to music. If I’m on my own, I will walk listening to music. So the silence is intimidating, especially when you only have paperwork to distract you. But in the silence, I find I keep hearing certain songs over and over again in my head. This was a particular problem back at school when I was taking exams, trying to write about William Pitt The Elder and other areas of British history I didn’t care about whilst my head would seem to scream my favourite Pavement songs.

Last week, I simply could not get Jens Lekman out of my head. Particularly the song Rocky Dennis’ Farewell Song.


The song paints Jens as a romantic, and how could he not be when you consider the combination of his sampled dream instrumentation and crooning voice. I only found out afterwords that the song was based upon a film, which initially disappointed me, until I found out that the film was based upon a true story. The lyrics entertain many ‘perfect’ scenarios, like riding horses into the sky, fondly remembering childhood memories, and, my favorite, the idea of showing colours to a blind girl you once fell in love with. I don’t feel the need to explain why I love this song so much, because the lyrics are so emotionally evocative that no further words are needed:

blind girl i missed you
i’ve missed you so much
i’ve been sending you letters
trying to call
but i can’t seem to get in touch

i think back upon summer camp
and i think i want to show you more colours
here’s white
here’s black
here’s the colour of my heart as it started to crack


LISTEN: Jens LekmanRocky Dennis’ Farewell Song

3 Responses

  1. Jerom

    I love this song from the first time I have listen some years ago, but I never kew this true (and sad) story: thank you!

  2. Nick

    The artwork is from Jens Lekman’s sleeve covers (‘Oh, You’re So Silent Jens’ compilation and the ‘Friday Night At The Bingo’ single) – http://www.jenslekman.com/discography.htm has them.
    The film is called ‘Mask’ -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mask_(film). I’ve not seen it, but it’s based on a real person, and seems like a very sad film. Apparently there’s a scene when Rocky Dennis falls in love with a blind girl at Summer camp, and shows her colours – hence the song lyrics.
    I love Jens Lekman. I emailed him a few times, and he responded every time.