i use to sit upon this rooftop in seattle

staring out at elliott bay watching the glow of the moon overshadow the water and when id listen to the end of pj harvey‘s album uh huh her… the last four songs always would make me cry. i was immediately taken to the place that had always been apart of me. if you’d like to relive my view, please listen to these few songs… close yr eyes and imagine yrself among the most beautiful waters you’ve ever seen.

11. the end
12. the desperate kingdom of love
13. seagulls
14. the darker days of me & him

buy the album.

i long for i long for i long for my home i long for a land where no man was ever known with no neurosis, no psychosis, no psychoanalysis and no sadness…

art by jay lincoln

2 Responses

  1. coxon le woof

    I heart PJ Harvey.

    And this album is great. Can’t understand why it got the negative press it did. Have you seen her new dvd? VERY good! Seeing PJ drunk is worth the admission price alone.

  2. Bushwick is Beautiful

    Thank you for the personal story, that always makes it mean more.