i want to be yr eyes and show you me

what’s your favorite
iron & wine song?

one thing is for sure. shows that have been held all around the world are creating some beautiful art to promote music. they get it. music is art.

along the cape cod shores, we were driving in my car. he asked, “where do you want to go?” and i told him, let’s just get lost. we took the best roads just to see the ocean, we didn’t know where we were going but didn’t care. listening to amazing sounds, when it came to one of my favorite iron & wine songs, we stopped to sit in silence and awe watching the waves crash. covered in simplicity, those guitars circled until that special ending came in, everything felt right, and the sky was perfect.

~*~ listen to this:

overhead iron & wine ep
overhead [burn that broken bed] featuring calexico

5 Responses

  1. Melissa

    Hands down, his best songs have to be “passing afternoon” and “bird stealing bread”

    they make me cry every time

  2. Anonymous

    did you hear iron and wine and calexico’s version of “All TOmorrow’s Parties” lasso’d my heart and soul

    so cool

  3. Anonymous

    the b-side “hickory” is my favorite I&W song – it’s Sam at his best.

    “Trapese Swinger” is not far behind though.

  4. Alex

    There’s something just so magical about Iron and Wine. The way Sam sings about love and relationships; the connections between people.

    The sea and the rhythym means so much to me.