i was lying in my bed last night…

sometimes i get so startled when i listen to antony & the johnsons. this feeling crashes inside me and it feels so powerful, i want to hide under the covers of my bed and dream and cry about how good it is to feel. becos if i didnt feel this… i dont think i would even begin to understand what all this even means.

its true i always wanted love to be hurtful
and its true i always wanted love to be filled with pain

i am very happy so please hit me
i am very very happy so please hurt me
i am very happy so please hit me
i am very very happy so come on hurt me

theres a consistency in antony’s vocals that fall from the deeply impacting human necessity to love, to fear, to face change and to feel different from the rest of the world. as his music and lyrics build upon one another, an exceptional dramatic range addresses the darkest of hidden places as sensitivity through elegance and grace infuses a secret romantic frequency from deep inside the heart. whether its suppose to be much more than what it seems, its hauntingly emotive and only intensifies to unveil the beauty of who antony is.

+virgin mary
+find the rhythm of yr love

+so young [the ronettes]
+candy says [velvet underground]
+strange fruit [billie holliday]
+be my husband [nina simone]
+child of god [millie jackson]

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10 Responses

  1. marcelino

    I just found this list of covers by Antony.
    I wish i could still access them.
    Any chance you could still share them with me?
    I’ve not heard these version by Antony and would love to. Thanks, very beautiful website you have here! Marcelino

  2. Sam

    Antony’s voice…nevermind lyrics, affect me also to the core.
    I remember the first time i heard his voice, it was the cover of candy says, which is a brilliant song itself, but then that voice added …hell i was transfixed, at a time when no music was moving me, i was addicted immediately, i went out that night and bought the two Antony and the Johnsons cds.
    Child of god is one of the best songs i have heard in a long time, the way the audience reacts just adds to the atmosphere…

    thanks for posting these!

  3. music is art

    aww… thankyou for the kind words, they are truly so appreciated.

    thanks eric so much for that alternative version. *child of god* has become one of my very favorites.

  4. eric

    all of these are wonderful, even though i have them already. we recorded that version of “so young” at a knitting factory show in new york in 2001. i love “child of god” but you have to hear this version instead. it’s a much clearer, much better recording. amazing performance, although i’m not sure of the source.

  5. Anonymous

    you like this stuff? Then try some JAPAN. It’ll make you stay in bed until you die.

  6. melody

    i just wanted to thank you for your posts, the way you present yourself is beautiful. musicisart has become one of my little special sources of good new music and it really makes my day.